Why should I see an osteopath?

Whether you are a parent or not, as adults we are generally not good at putting ourselves first.  We can always find a long list of other things that need to be done before we step back and take time for ourselves.  These days everyone is focused on working hard and trying to find their perfect work / life balance in a fast-paced world.  If you are worn out by a busy family life, trying to stay fit and active, working hard or maybe even socialising harder, osteopathy can help make you feel more like the you that you want to be.  Many adults will feel physically run down from being over worked and under exercised.  It’s bad enough having to feel our age….we certainly don’t need to feel more than our age!

So whether you are being plagued by sporting injuries to arms, legs or feet when you exercise, your low back or hips struggle with running around after the kids or the amount of time you sit in the office or the car, or maybe your neck and shoulders are sore and stiff from days glued to your laptop; osteopathy can help take back control of your physical health.  Our daily posture, habits and over-use of our bodies can lead to musculoskeletal related pain and discomfort which can lead to increased stress and poor sleep.  The human body is a very clever and complex machine which generally functions well, but on occasion it can get itself into trouble quite quickly.

How is an osteopath different?

By assessing your whole body your osteopath can analyse where the key areas of reduced function are.  We are focused on understanding the cause of your issue not just treating the symptoms.  For example, almost everybody will suffer back pain at some point, but the causes of this can vary from postural fatigue, a herniated or inflamed spinal disc, an irritated nerve, muscle spasm or loss of joint mobility.  By understanding the root cause of your symptoms we can tailor treatment to your specific situation; to reduce your pain and increase your movement and help you understand how to take control of your body again.  

Your body is individual to you, we follow a shared blue-print but none of us are text-book perfect.  We are unique in both how we have used our bodies in the past and want to use them in the future.  Therefore, your treatment must be individual to you too; one size does not fit all and one treatment approach isn’t right for every body.  Osteopaths use their medical training to examine and analyse the patterns of what is happening in your body and create a tailored treatment plan for you.  We were taught and always work “hands-on” which means we have a heighted sense of touch, so can feel the changes to muscles and joint movement.  What is important is to get you back to the things that you love doing as soon as possible, and those goals are individual to you.  Not everyone wants to be an Olympic athlete or a ballet dancer, but you should be able to enjoy time with friends and family, travelling, staying fit and making the most out of life without body pain or discomfort.

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