Why is osteopathy helpful for older people?

The process of aging leads to the natural wear and tear on the mechanics of the body.  Although we cannot stop this, we can support you in continuing to use your body in the way that you want to for as long as possible.  As we age it is important to keep active, but often pain stops people from doing the things they want to do.  As the old adage says “use it or lose it”; so keeping you moving now will help keep you active for longer.  No doubt you have worked hard throughout your life and deserve to enjoy your retirement in whichever way you choose; whether it’s travelling, exercising, socialising, gardening, maintaining your independence or spending quality time with your family.  

Osteopaths understand the effects of age on the body and can help manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, joint deterioration, chronic pain, muscle cramps, and loss of strength.  We use specific techniques applicable to the delicacy of aging bodies to improve mobility, strength and balance to help prevent against falls.  We can help aging spines, hips, knees, feet, shoulders, arms and hands to keep moving with massage and moderate stretches.  We can support you both before and after a hip or knee replacement to get you back to feeling like yourself again as soon as possible after surgery.

Osteopaths use their medical training to examine and analyse the patterns of what is happening in your body and create a tailored treatment plan for you.  We were taught and always work “hands-on” which means we have a heighted sense of touch, so can feel the changes to muscles and joint movement, applying only as much pressure as needed and no more.  You should find osteopathic treatment comfortable and relieving rather than like a big workout.

Your osteopath will listen to you to understand your specific needs and are happy to work together with your GP if you would like that.  They may give you ideas of things you might be able to do differently or supports that could help you achieve things easier at home.

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