How can osteopathy help my child?

Kathryn sees children of all ages for musculoskeletal and neurological care; growth and development issues, movement concerns, as well as positioning and postural issues.  We work with children who have no injury or condition, as well as those needing rehabilitation after injury or post- surgery. We also work with children with long term health conditions and physical disabilities.

Our assessment may involve screening your child to review progress in meeting movement, coordination, activity, musculoskeletal or developmental milestones expected by an age or stage. Physical, orthopaedic, neurological and functional tests designed for children may be used to identify progress against standard child milestones.

We may observe your child during movement in leisure, play or when interacting with other members of your family.  Along with developmentally appropriate manual therapy treatments we are likely to give exercise programs for your child, such as coordination, aerobic and strength training, which are often disguised as games for you to play as a whole family.

We may offer you advice on activities for maintaining or growing physical skills in your child, suggest use of certain toys, appliances or equipment for movement and other skills needed in daily activities. For babies and young children, we may guide you on how to position or assist your child in movement and activities for improving skill development. 

Our osteopathic approach may consider factors in your child’s life, thoughts, family relationships or broader health that might impact the issue.  We work in association with other health professionals, including your GP, paediatrician, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and psychologists. We may organise referrals to other health professionals as part of supporting your child and your whole family.

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